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We support all love and equality, LGBTQ Friendly

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and I'm Kay

"I'm a wedding and elopement photographer, capturing awesome love story for adventurous souls all over UK & worldwide. I'm also a makeup artist, a hairstylist, a friend and a wife to an incredibly lovely hubby, and hopefully if we're sync. I will also be your wedding photographer!"


You know, I have this incredible dream and passion for capturing those unique and special connections between you and your loved ones. It's what truly makes my heart sing! Preserving these precious memories is at the core of what I do because, let's face it, it's all about YOU and Your Story. When I'm there on your big day, I become your little helper, quietly observing and capturing all those fun and emotional moments in the most respectful manner. It brings me immense joy to see my lovebirds like you having the absolute best time celebrating your love. And you know what? I'm not just your photographer, I'm also your friend. When it comes to giving you my honest opinions, I've got your back! If you ever find yourself stuck along this journey of planning and preparations, don't hesitate to lean on my 12 years of experience in the wedding industry. I'm here to support you and offer any guidance you may need.


We'll create unforgettable memories, have a ton of laughs, and celebrate your love in the most extraordinary way. Get ready for an amazing journey, because with me by your side, anything is possible!


Am I your perfect match?!

I'm a perfect fit for couples who are looking for something modern and visually creative, a non-traditional wedding photographer. My style is ideal for those with an adventurous heart, who are up for trying something different such as some fun stroll, energetic run or just enjoy the moment exploring. 


I prefer capturing authentic moments which come naturally without force. Sometimes these are what's described as natural or candid style which has a more non-disturbing approach when it comes to photographing your wedding. I blend in the shadows like a ninja but also take charge and step up for those signature shots when necessary so you and your guests can enjoy the beautiful ceremony without any disturbance. When it comes to groups and portrait shots I'm more than happy to take the lead and make sure that these parts of your day run smoothly. I will have you know that when your DJ is cracking an awesome tune it's always hard to resist. Music and fun energy on the dance floor is my natural habitat - so if you bring the vibe with a mix of good tunes, I'm also happy to show you a few moves or two!




My signature style is all about colour. My palette is leaning toward modern rustic warm tones, I love punchy colour, flares, bokeh, contrast of details and flawless texture of skin.


How I edit?  When it comes to tone, I approach each and every wedding with a touch of creativity that reflects my personal style. I firmly believe that every wedding is a one-of-a-kind celebration, bursting with its own unique magic. From the enchanting venue and the lively vibes to the vibrant hues of your flowers and the dance of light and shadows throughout the day, I take it all in, embracing the full picture before embarking on the editing journey. My ultimate goal? To uncover and showcase the remarkable essence that sets your wedding apart from the rest! I strive to breathe life into your memories, enhancing the colours with a delicate touch of warmth, preserving their authenticity, and ensuring they shine with their true brilliance. No artificial dyeing or replacements here – just a delightful enhancement that captures the spirit of your special day!

I do take your preference into consideration, therefore I also have my own version of light and airy tone. So take a look >>>

My Style!

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My Signature Style!

My Light & Airy!


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Will be back Next year!

10% from your mini session goes to the Alzheimer's Society

We love flowers and the change of seasons, we shoot all year round from spring to winter. Let's make memories!

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Find out more about our Maternity and New Born package 

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"Where do I start? Kay is simply amazing! She and her team did my hair and make-up on my wedding day as well as the photos. She was so very helpful in the morning when we were getting ready, I can't thank her enough for that. Then she awaited my arrival at our wedding venue and photographed the day together with her husband. They were amazing, part of the family! Everyone got on with them. We are so grateful. Thank you so much Kay xx


Linda + Matthew
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