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"City Love Story"

Ana + Adrian

Mulberry House,  nestled in 22 acres of exquisite grounds, offering a tapestry of elegance in the heart of  Essex countryside. It's where the magic unfolds for Kit and Tiffany as they declare their 'I Dos' amidst the breathtaking backdrop of sprawling grounds and a serene lake, an outdoor ceremony that echoes with the natural symphony of love and nature.




As the celebration continues, the Garden Room and Extension beckon for a luxurious cocktail hour, where laughter and clinking glasses mingle in harmony. The weather, in its benevolent grace, sets the stage for an alfresco reception, transforming Mulberry House into a picture-perfect oasis of celebration. Guests are treated to a sumptuous Lux Afternoon Tea, a culinary journey that delights the senses and elevates the wedding experience. Guests can leisurely immerse themselves in the picturesque surroundings, with willow trees whispering tales of timeless romance, wildflower meadows swaying in the breeze, and ancient oak trees standing sentinel to love's enduring legacy. Every nook and cranny of Mulberry House becomes a canvas, offering the most enchanting backdrops for capturing the essence of this splendid day.

The celebration becomes an odyssey through a landscape of romance, where each moment is a cherished gem in the mosaic of Kit and Tiffany's love story.  🌿💍🥂

Please click to access. Gallery range from full day wedding to elopement type!

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