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Hi fellow businesses and entreprenerd! 

I'm Kay and I'm your photographer. So please let me to introduce you to Branding. So why bother?  Over 75% of consumers and clients are inspired by visual. In this new century, where information can be deliver to you at your fingertip.  In today world online presence has so much impact on how people discover you and your business. With google, Facebook, Instagram and many others online platform, people can easily discover you, before they even make the decision to contact you or visit your shop and businesses. So first impression matters!

Gourmet Meal
Making a Drink

First is to understand a little bit more about what branding is? 

So let me ask you, What differentiate the Fine dinning and local take out? Top answer would be Value & Quality. If you ask people why would they choose fine dinning over local take out? They would look back and say why wouldn't you? They would add, the quality of the ingredients are much better, the silver service, the attractive visual of how the food was displayed, the reviews and visual appeal on social media, a story behind the brand or they simply like the food or the chef themselves. If you ask them who your favourite celebrity chef? People will give you a name of two. Have you ever wondered how did these people discover those celebrity chef in the first place? the answer is exposure they might have saw the chef from a TV show or internet, competing or cooking up their new recipes. The chef who reached out to his/her audience and engaged with them become known. People mind stimulate by visuals and that is what drew them in to watch the chef cooking his/her recipe. Visuals that engage and trickker responses from audience's curiosity, make them interested to know more. What he/she's cooking, the process, the receipt and 100% of the time the chef will often talk about the story behind it, what inspired them to create this wonderful dish. 

I believe there is a story behind every brand. Your audience want to know you, so introduce them to your world. Branding is the key to engage and reach out to your audience, and this will give you a chance and opportunity to.....

Let's me take you through why branding matter!

Understanding little bit more about branding might helps you decide how you would like your audience to see your brand


First impression matters:

This is where your audience discover or encounters your brand for the first time. This could greatly influence how they perceive your brand image. People automatically forms a view and opinions about your brand from their very first encounter, and that eventually have an effect on how they response to the visual you present to them. So this is why first impression make a huge impact on how people response to your brand. 

Attract your audients and make an impact:

People want to know you and know your craft, so by showing your audients who you are can make such a positive impression of you and what your brand do. Inspiring contents and images that could helps attract your potential clients and captivate your audient attention and interest. Branding is not just a pretty images but this is something that could really influence people opinions about your brand it could make your brand irresistibly attractive and desirable. 

Build trust and believe:

Do you know that 78% say they would buy from a brand they feel connected to? We live in the world of Connection Economy, so engaging with your audient and build that connection is extremely important. People often buy from people they like, by showing them your passion, your vision, your bright energy, your value, your personality and your expertise in your craft people can really connect to you and your brand.

So this is where I come in...

So let me lend you a hands and bring your brand to life! Let me show people your story, a glimpse of what goes behind your brand, your value and believes, and what products and services do you offers. Show them what's it's feel like to be working with you and your brand.


Step 1: Your Pre - planning session

Let's talk! I would like to arrange a zoom meeting with you prior to your banding shoot session. I believe this is one of the most important process for a successful branding session. I would like to understand you, your business, your brand and what you hoping to achieve from our branding session. This will helps me create somethings that is best fitting to your brand image. 

Step 2: During your call!

This is aim's to help you prepare for your branding session! During your called you will received my full support on planning. These are topic that we will be cover during your called. From choosing your shooting location, what to prepare for your shooting session, and Ideas for your outfit.

What I would like from you: In order to help me create something that showcase your brand personality. I would like to hear your story and details about you, your vision and your brand. An inspirational Mood board (Pintrest etc) What you try to achieve?  What is your style and how would you like to connect to your potential clients? Style is something that is personal to you and your brand, this is what make your brand standout and what make you unique! 

work together
Writing on Glass

Step 3: The after call!

You will also receive a link and password to our branding guide to help you gear up for your session. Along with a personalise helping list that's specialise for your shoot. We can also personalise a mood board together of what we try to capture!

Step 4: When will your gallery be deliver?

Post process can take some time and how fast we can turn over the finished result depends on our current schedule. We would have spent days Editing your beautiful gallery, Your gallery is likely to be ready after 3-4 weeks. You will received a link and password to your Hi- resolution Gallery. 

Sharing, Watermarking and Editing

When it comes to watermarking - for photoshoot and mini photo session where the number of images are limited depending on package purchases, watermarking will be visible when you view your gallery, but don't worry once you select your favourite images into your cart, your purchased Hi-resolution downloads this will be watermark free. 

Keyboard and Mouse

All Branding package includes

- Consultation & Pre - Planning Zoom called

- Exclusive access to our Branding shoot guide

- Creative Fee

-1 location within 20 miles of CM23 4EF

- Online High-resolution digital images 

Fashion Designer



Creative fee only, no images includes

Creative Package is budget friendly alternative to our Narrative package. The creative fee only package which includes a small Pre - Planning session and the shoot for your branding session. This package is suitable for those who would like a few head shot of their team or those who not necessary want a huge number of images. This D.I.Y package allow you to pick and choose the images that you would like to purchases straight from your gallery. 

  • 30 mins pre - shoot planning call & Creative shot list

  • up to 1hr of shooting, including headshot,  behind the scene shot and style flat lay photos.

  • No Images includes in this package, but the images of your choice will be available for purchase from £10 per image, alternatively you can also purchase photos bundled. Photo bundle starting from £150

additional hour at £100 per hour

Cutting Wood



 Planning + upto 2hrs on set (15 images)

Narrative Package is perfect for your brands story telling, the package includes Pre - Planning, Prep, shoot and also digital images for your branding session. Narrative allow us time to plan, create, and to capture the process of how you works. Result in the attractive imagery that your can use to attract your ideal clients.

  • 30 mins pre - shoot planning call, Creative shot list

  • up to 2 hr of shooting, Your choice including headshot,  behind the scene shot or style flat lay photos.

  • 15 beautiful images of your choice with options to purchase more.

Spa Salts and Stones



Planning + upto 4 hrs on set (30 images)

  • pre - shoot planning call, Creative shot list

  • up to 4hr of styling & shooting, including headshot,  behind the scene shot and style flat lay photos.

  • 30 beautiful images of your choice with options to purchase more.

Candle in Hands



Planning + upto 8 hrs on set (60 images)

  • pre - shoot planning call, Creative shot list

  • 8hrs of styling & shooting, including headshot,  behind the scene shot and style flat lay photos.

  • 50 beautiful images of your choice with options to purchase more.

Reading Material

What not includes

  • Depends on locations some prop might have to be purchase separately.

  • Outfit: you'll have to arrange your own outfit.

  • If Model require we can help you arrange it at additional cost.

  • Transportation.

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