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Why invested in a professional photographer?

Your dream wedding is a whirlwind of moments worth cherishing, where designer shoes may remain unseen, cakes and drinks are savoured, and flowers eventually fade away.  Yet, amidst the extravagance, remember that the true testament of your special day lies in your wedding photographs – capturing memories that will outlast any fleeting detail.

Invest in a photographer who shares your vision, dedicated to preserving those priceless moments.

Is the experience worth your investment? 

Yes Absolutely!

Here is what my lovebirds think of their experience...




"My husband and I did a couple shoot in London together last year with Kay, and it was amazing. We were both pretty nervous at first as we had never done anything like this before- but she made the atmosphere so comfortable, and over time we felt super relaxed! She also helped direct us a little with flattering angles and pose ideas which was so reassuring for me as I was worried about hunching and looking awkward.


I was so happy with how the photos turned out! The editing was exactly how we wanted- just a little bit with some lighting adjustments! We were also very glad to have got some very unique, personalised and candid shots around London. Thank you so much Kay for the experience! The photos are wonderful and we couldn't be happier with the results :) xx"

Lauren + Minseong

" We were both pretty nervous but she made the atmosphere so comfortable. We were also very glad to have got some very unique, personalised and candid. Thank you so much Kay for the experience! The photos are wonderful and we couldn't be happier with the results :) xx"


My approach is simple, relaxed, and pressure-free. No forced, intense poses here! I want you to savour the company of your loved one and have an absolute blast. Just be yourselves and enjoy the day to the fullest. I'll be there, capturing those precious moments as they naturally unfold.

Beyond capturing images that you'll truly adore, my ultimate goal is to freeze the memories—the genuine love and extraordinary connections between you, your partner, and your loved ones. I want you to look back on this special day and relive the magic—the anticipation, the emotional exchange of vows, the joyous mood, the infectious laughter, the heartfelt tears, the intoxicating scent of your beautiful bouquet, the taste of celebratory champagne, and all the amazing fun you had.


1668343145773 (2).jpg




1668343145796 (2).jpg







Capture those jaw-dropping shots! It's all about skills and having a wickedly creative eye that sets us professionals apart. I thrive in any lighting situation, so don't worry about squinting your eyes in bright sunlight or having weird shadows creeping up on you in your photos. I'll make sure you shine like a superstar without even realizing it!

And let's not forget the enchantment of the final editing process, where the real magic unfolds!

I personally edit each and every images myself, create colours palette that unique to your wedding, so no mass production here, obviously one size doesn't fit all.


Your photos will pop with vibrant details, leaving you in awe of the captivating results.

Love has no gender, we support all love and equality, LGBTQ Friendly


How this work?

Let's walk through the process together to give you a view of what it is like. 


Send your Enquiry

We recognize that the majority of us need time to understand what we're getting into before we commit to booking anything.

Why not get in touch?

We are more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have.



After the talk if you would like to make It's official, we usually request a 30% deposit, we will also send you a booking form to complete and an agreement signed which will contain all the details of deposit and payment information, along with our terms and conditions to seal the deal.



Unlimited consultation

+ an Exclusive wedding guide. I'm only just an email or a call away. I love to hear all about your plan and ideas. I'm more than happy to share with you some tips, advices and suggestions through out the process through to Your wedding day photography plan , so you know that you are not alone!



I will send you a wedding detailed form to you around 8-10 weeks prior to your big day, We will schedule a video call 2-3 weeks prior to your big day to finalise some details.  

After our chat, take notes of what we discussed during our meeting, I will then tailor the photography timeline to suit your big day’s schedule. 

How does this all sound? 

If we are the ideal photographer you are looking for, don't wait around… get in touch as you probably already know that we can only take a limited number of weddings each year and we would love to capture you working your magic. 

Want to know more about Our wedding packages?

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My full day package start from £1525


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Elopement /Micro wedding package from £495

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Travel Bucket list!

I'm always up for exciting adventures! Here are my dream destinations, so if you are planning on getting hitched in any of these destinations. I would love to be involve so please do give me a shout!

  • ​Amalfi coast

  • Dolomites

  • Tuscany

  • Ibiza

  • Tenerife 

  • Greece

  • Marrakech

  • Portugal

  • Maldives

  • Thailand

  • Vietnam

  • New Zealand

  • Canada

  • Utah, Colorado, California

  • Namibia

  • India

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