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About me..

Expressing myself through different forms of art. 

Hey there, I'm Kay, the founder of PKay Bridal. I lead a team of talented professionals including photographers, makeup artists, and hairstylists. Despite initially pursuing a maths and science major, my heart was always drawn to the world of art. After graduating in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Marketing in 2010, I ventured into the makeup industry. Starting with editorials and fashion & beauty photoshoots, I had the opportunity to collaborate with incredible photographers who are experts in their fields.

Photographers like Katherline Lyndia, a renowned Swiss photographer, Martin Higgs, one of the best beauty photographers in Britain, and Eric Chezn, an incredibly talented French fashion photographer, have been a huge inspiration to me. Their expertise and artistry motivated me to embark on my own professional photography journey.


Journey to the discovery,

The world through my lens.

I believe that we are living in a world filled with inspiration, creativity, and interesting subjects. I found my own inspiration as a photographer through travelling the world, experiencing different cultures, some weird, some wonderful and from visiting epic locations and tasting amazing local foods. The idea of capturing those experiences and memories inspired me, my love and passion to create and capture something meaningful is a strong impulse that has inspired me to capture the beauty of it all. Through make-up and photography I have truly found the joy of expressing myself through a living form of art.

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My Photography

During my university years, photography was a delightful part of my course. Working with a traditional film camera, from capturing images to developing them in the darkroom, brought immense joy. Seeing the images I had witnessed through the lens come to life on paper was truly magical. As a makeup artist collaborating with talented photographers, I eagerly seized every opportunity to assist them. Whether it was helping with lighting, capturing behind-the-scenes moments, or contributing in various ways on set, I absorbed invaluable firsthand knowledge about photography over the years.

My passion for photography grew as I traveled extensively for work and leisure. Exploring landscapes, capturing the beauty of scenery, and immortalizing the people I encountered became an integral part of my journey. Around 2016, I realized that my perspective on the world was increasingly expressed through the lens of a camera. Inspired by this realization, I made the bold decision to transform my love for photography into a fulfilling career. 

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inside the mind of This Creative Nerd!

What makes my heart race!

  • Holidays & Travelling the world, I can never get enough of exploring our planet earth!

  • Spending time with my soulmate, Rich. My best friend, my travel buddy, my Uber, my nemesis, the love of my life and my hubby.

  • Spa & Massage, a total zen moment of tranquillity, peace and the ultimate relaxation.

  • Food, I'm a big foodie, anything from street food to fine dinning. I enjoy cooking, baking exploring new flavours, ingredients and culture.

  • Asian cuisine, I can't fight my DNA.

  • Spring, I loveeee flowers even if I'm suffering from hay fever, I would do anything to be in the blooms! The sight of Japan during cherry blossom still sticks to my mind until today.

  • New Series anything that is unpredictable with good twist! I love SiFi, action, supernatural, detective, documentary, horror.

  • Non fizzy cocktails and Icy drinks, it's become a habit of mine, growing up in the tropical Sun, icy drinks are definitely a treat in hot and humid weather.

  • The colour of the sky & sea... all shade of white & blue.

  • All things candles, scented candle are just...xx

PKay Style photography-01100.jpg

Now, I bring all my passion and experiences to PKay Bridal, creating stunning memories for couples like you. I strive to capture the essence of your love story through beautiful and timeless photographs. It's an honor for me to be a part of your special day and create lasting memories that you'll cherish forever.


Let's embark on this incredible journey together and capture the magic of your wedding day!

A Lonely Tree on the Hill

Travel Bucket list!

I'm always up for exciting adventures! Here are my dream destinations, so if you are planning on getting hitched in any of these destinations. I would be

I would love to be involve so please do give me a shout!

  • ​Amalfi coast

  • Dolomites

  • Tuscany

  • Ibiza

  • Tenerife 

  • Marrakech

  • Portugal

  • Maldives

  • South Thailand

  • New Zealand

  • Canada

  • Utah, Colorado, California

  • Namibia

  • India

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