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London Wedding Photographer for... 

You know, I have this incredible dream and passion for capturing those unique and special connections between you and your loved ones. It's what truly makes my heart sing! Preserving these precious memories is at the core of what I do because, let's face it,  

"It's all about

YOU and Your Story." 

My mission is to capture your love story with artistic elegance and creative flair, highlighting all the joyful and emotional moments of your special day. I love focusing on the small, meaningful details that often go unnoticed. My diverse style is perfect for couples seeking more than just traditional wedding photography, offering a distinct artistic touch.

Hello! and warmest

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Wedding & Portraits Photographer

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for creative and adventurous souls
UK & worldwide


"Her professionalism and great eye to the detail. I can’t thanks her enough to made our day amazing memories "


Capturing authentic moments which come naturally without being force.

Blend in the shadows like a ninja quietly observing and capturing that in-between and all those fun and emotional moments in the most respectful manner. But also take charge and step up for those signature shots when necessary so you and your guests can enjoy the beautiful ceremony without any disturbance. When it comes to groups and portrait shots I'm more than happy to take the lead and make sure that these parts of your day fast, fun and run smoothly. As a creative wedding photographer, It brings me immense joy to see my lovebirds like you having the absolute best time celebrating your love.

Allow me to tell your love story 
witness your incredible 'I DO' journey.


Capturing Your Love Story with Artistic Elegance and Creative Flair

Because with me by your side, anything is possible!



My Style!

"Modern, Warm,   little bit Quirky, 

Colourful, Refine Texture Skin."

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My Signature Style!

How I edit?  When it comes to tone, I approach each and every wedding with a touch of creativity that reflects my personal style.

I firmly believe that every wedding is a one-of-a-kind celebration, bursting with its own unique magic.


From the enchanting venue and the lively vibes to the vibrant hues of your flowers and the dance of light and shadows throughout the day, I take it all in, embracing the full picture before embarking on the editing journey.

My approach and shooting Style is describe as

My Vibe!





Focus on capturing unposed moment as they naturally occur, without much interference. I do gives more direction during group, couple portraits and wedding party, so we can create something fun and visually appealing. 

Just like in movie wider short are often an opening scene to show you the where this is all happening, and intimate or action shot is likely to be crop, close up images. So you will get a mixture of full length and crop images depending on location, space, the moment and situation. So I do not shoot traditional full body length from top to toe all the time.

My Light & Airy!

If you're a couple on the hunt for an artistic wedding photographer in London, someone with unique skills and style, you've come to the right place. Imagine a photographer who blends traditional, candid, and stylized shots, capturing both those intimate moments and the grand settings. Whether you're planning a classic, elegant wedding, a quirky themed celebration, or a romantic outdoor ceremony, I've got you covered.


My ultimate goal? To uncover and showcase the remarkable essence that sets your wedding apart from the rest!

I strive to breathe life into your memories, enhancing the colours with a delicate touch of warmth.


Preserving their authenticity, and ensuring they shine with their true brilliance.

No artificial dyeing or replacements here – just a delightful enhancement that captures the spirit of your special day! 

I do take your preference into consideration, therefore I also have my own version of light and airy tone.

This is also depend on the tone of your venue, decoration, lighting etc So take a look.

"My husband and I did a couple shoot in London together last year with Kay, and it was amazing. We were both pretty nervous at first as we had never done anything like this before- but she made the atmosphere so comfortable, and over time we felt super relaxed! She also helped direct us a little with flattering angles and pose ideas which was so reassuring for me as I was worried about hunching and looking awkward.


I was so happy with how the photos turned out! The editing was exactly how we wanted- just a little bit with some lighting adjustments! We were also very glad to have got some very unique, personalised and candid shots around London. Thank you so much Kay for the experience! The photos are wonderful and we couldn't be happier with the results :) xx"

" We were both pretty nervous but she made the atmosphere so comfortable. We were also very glad to have got some very unique, personalised and candid. Thank you so much Kay for the experience! The photos are wonderful and we couldn't be happier with the results :) xx"

Lauren + Minseong

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