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To see the overall selection result or how many more photo can you add onto the selection list, Please click the flag icon


or SELECT at the top right corner of the gallery >> then click "flag photos for photographer"  >>

Photo Selection

You will received an email with some information to begin your selection process. Press "Flag Photo".

This link will send you to you photo gallery. 


Once you are in the gallery, on each image you will see a flag icon. When you click it you will be able to see Selection box "Album Selection" and "Cover Photo".


All you need to do is just click the flag button on the photo to add your preferred photos onto selection. 


then click on the selection to check all selected images "review before sending". 

DO NOT CLICK "send to Photographer" until the last person has made the selection. 


Lastly Once everybody has finished selecting images they prefer, check and "Send to Photographer", once you click this the selection is locked and cannot be modified.


After you have made your selection, kindly inform me by sending a message. I will dedicate time to designing your album theme. Once this design phase is completed, you will receive an email for album proofing. Upon your approval, the album will be sent for production. The inclusion of images in the final design will depend on the overall aesthetic, and it's possible that not all the initially selected images will be used.


For those who purchase an album

Tip to your Photo Selection for Photobook album


Making a decision on which Photos to put into your beautiful album is hard. Here is just a little tip to get you started! Idea of an album is to put together a story about your special day or moments !


1st Choose 1 Photo as your album cover.

We would recommend that you start with selecting around 5 images from each sections:
1 Venue & Detail
2 Getting ready
3 Ceremony
4 Bride & Groom portrait

5 Cake cut, First dance & Party
Then slowly added your favorite!x

In most cases, the finalized album will be sent to me for a quality check before I proceed to pack and dispatch the album to you.

Customise your Album 


This link below will send you to a form where you have an option to customise the album to your preference.

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