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What's your style?

We often ask you to bring along any hair or make-up images that you like, to give us some indications of what kind of style that you prefer. So make yourself a mood board!


We would highly advice you to wear a top that have similar colour and neck line to your dress, So you can see if the colour of your makeup and hair style would suit the neckline of your dress.


Everyone is unique in their own way that's why at PKay Bridal we embraced your individual beauty in each and every clients. We believe in no set of rules to what you should wear on your special day, whether it's earth tone, blue, green, themes or anything else that make you who you are. We always said 'wear whatever make you confident'. We usually work with your personal preferences. We tailor made a soft and natural makeup for those who wear minimum or never wear makeup and create full glam red carpet looks for those who love them. So don't be shy, tell us what your style? Look great and feel like a star.

We always said

'wear whatever make you feel confident'. 

Clean face MAkeup free

No makeup, No mascara.

Exfoliating is Highly recommended especially for those with textured skin.

Make sure your skin texture is smooth. Simple exfoliation can be achieved by using a wet cotton towel in the shower to remove dry flaky skin.



Make the most of your skin. A mask sheet is highly recommended.  Use mask sheets once a day for 10 days before your special day. This will help improve your skin texture. Choose masks that are right for your skin type. 

Oily - Choose a clay based mask, then use a light mask sheet.

Dry - Choose a mask sheet for moisture boost


  • Get plenty of sleep, your body need to rest. don't exhausted yourself as this will effect your skin.

  • Drink plenty. Water is best. 

  • Put some of your favorite tunes on could help lighten up your mood for the best has yet to come.

  • Wear top that Similar colour, similar neck line to your wedding dress.

Makeup Preparation


And make sure to moisturize your skin well. Its OK to feel that your skin is little oily, that's better than dry, also drinking more water helps.

Bring Your own Lip colour

* Please also tell everyone to bring their favourite lipstick or lip gloss they like with them to top up throughout the day x 


  • Don't change your skincare no matter how tempted you are. We don't know how your skin will react to the new products which may result in break out.

  • Facial, If you've never had them before, do it months before as a test to see how your skin reacts.

  • Acne and Waxing  Don't pop your spots on the day that you have your makeup appointment, the same rule goes for facial waxing or threading - Have your brow tidy 3-4 days before your appointment as nothing will stick to red, hot, irritated and inflame skin. If your skin is inflame or oozing out liquid it is beyond the power of makeup. 

  • Alcohol and spicy food  an imbalance of chemicals in your body can also result in a break out.

  • Don't get sunburn! 

  • Avoid wearing black/ dark colours to your trial. Whatever the colour of your wedding dress maybe, wear something similar to that. 

Hair Preparation

Hair styling

wash and dry your hair 1 day before 

If you plan on have your hair styling, We usually recommend to wash and Dry or blow dry your hair 1-2 days before your trial/ your special day.

Please don't put any hair products in your hair if you blow dry the night before.

The curls will tend to hold better on unwashed hair. *especially if you have very fine hair and would like a loose curl style, please DO NOT wash it on the day as the curls will not stay and will drop pretty fast.

Blow dry

if you would like a curly blow dry for long hair: please have your hair damp, not soaking wet. (70%-80% dry) 

For short hair please leave it wet. 

  • Do get highlights or lightening if you would like more dimension to your curls and more definition to your Braids.

  • Send images of what hairstyle you like prior to your appointment. Especially if you didn't have a trial or you decided to have your trial at other location. This will give us a rough idea of what we need to bring with us.

  • Contact us if you feel like you need some advice or if you have any questions.


Oily & Greasy scalp

This is not recommended but if you have an unusually super greasy scalp, then you can clean your hair on the day - but it's very important to please have your hair completely dry a couple of hours before, so that it's ready for styling. Otherwise the curls will drop. 

Don't forget

if you have clip in extensions, a veil, or hair accessories please don't forget to bring them along with you. 


  • Don't wash your hair on the day that you plan to have your hair styling, wash them the night before as the style will not stay on fresh wash hair especially if you plan to have loose curls.

  • Don't cut your hair too much if you prefer a hair up style.

  • Don't leave hair colouring to the last minute. Do it at least1-2 weeks prior... in case the result is not what you desire.

 upOn your arrival please wait

Whether you are too early, on time, or late, we kindly ask you to wait in your car. Please allow us to provide a disinfected and clean environment for your appointment...we will come out to you to ask you to come in

Pease wash your hands

Please wash your hands in our guest washroom as soon as you arrive. Hand sanitizer will also be available throughout your appointment.

Please come alone

Please come alone to your appointment / consultation  if possible. Our studio is small and there may be items of equipment that do  not create an ideal environment for children or pets. This will also help reduce exposure risk due to covid-19.

Feel unwell?

If you are feeling unwell, under the weather or have any symptoms of Covid-19, PLEASE contact us to reschedule your appointment. We hope to see you again once you're feeling better and in high spirits.

Shoes off

Please remove your shoes at the door. So ideally wear shoes that can be easily slipped on and off. 

We know that the new normal IS still a lot to take in...

We try our best to provide our clients with a Clean and Safe environment. We help our community in any way we can.

Our team is looking forward to meeting you.

Please wear

a mask

We kindly ask everybody to Please wear a mask to your appointment. Even if you  are having makeup done, we still ask you to wear them while we are doing your eye makeup, and then remove them once we move on to do your skin.

We will be wearing masks, face shields, and essential PPE.



Before your appointment takes place...

(for studio visit)

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