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Let's walk through our journey together to give you a view of what it is like to have us on your big day.

We love vibrant colour, candid, bokeh, flare, romance and our photography style reflects exactly that. We love to capture the moment of fun and laughter - you doing your thing. We try our best to make sure that you are feeling relaxed, pressure free from intense poses, enjoying your loved one's company and just having fun.

Step 1: Do you like our Photography Style?

Our style is described as Romantic, Modern, Rustic with a punch of Colour!

If the answer is “yes” then let's get in touch! 

When you send in your Enquiry form, please tell us about your awesome plans as we love to hear them and we can check our availability. 

What's next? 

Before you make a commitment let's talk! If you are local or not too far off let's chat over tea and coffee. But if you are further afield don't worry we can arrange a zoom call so we can get to know you a little better and answer all the questions you might have. After our chat if you haven't already seen our photography packages we will be happy to send you a link and you can see what suits you best? If you don't find what you are looking for.. We are happy to provide a tailor made package for you.

Step 2: Would you like to secure your date?

After the talk if you would like to make It's official, we usually request a 30% deposit and an agreement signed to seal the deal.

Step 3: What happens next?

This is where the fun begins. 

Engagement shoot: Your engagement shoot is an optional extra, it will take place at your chosen location... but if you can’t think of a great venue, we are more than happy to help with some suggestions. You will also have an exclusive access to our PKay Bridal Guide to help you gear up for your engagement shoot, the guide will also give you a rough idea of what is likely to happen on your big day. So don’t panic! x Aside from some awesome images for a keepsake, the engagement session is a brilliant way to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. You get to see how we work, get some idea of how to pose, and once your big day arrives you will already be a pro!
If you are further afield, or if you are from abroad, the engagement shoot prior to your big day might be inconvenient for you… but don’t worry! Thanks to modern technology which allows us to connect, wherever we are in the world, within a few clicks - if you opt not to have an engagement session, we will be happy to arrange an online coaching session for you. This will typically be done via Zoom or Skype and will help to put your mind at ease about posing as a couple in front of the camera, in advance of the big day.

Step 4: Let's Plan

We will schedule a zoom call 6 weeks prior to your big day to finalise some details. By this time you will likely have already had the final meeting with your venue. We will go through your wedding schedule /timeline together. We will tailor the photography timeline to suit your big day’s schedule. We may make some suggestions to help your day run smoothly. 

After our chat we will send you some detailed forms of what we discussed during our meeting, and also a group photo form for you to fill in.. We want you to feel comfortable and at ease on your big day so when it comes to planning don’t shy away, let’s do it together.

Step 5: Are you ready?

After all the planning we've been through…  the day is here.. So what now? 

Just relax, take it all in and enjoy the awesome day that you both deserve. It's time to let loose… Go crazy and have fun, let us capture your love flow, let us see how you roll xx

How does this all sound? 

If we are the ideal photographer you are looking for, don't wait around… get in touch as you probably already know that we can only take a limited number of weddings each year and we would love to capture you working your magic.

Want to know more about Our wedding packages?

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