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Heart warming


As a wedding photographer, it brings me great joy to offer you not only my professional expertise, but also my personal insights, tips, advice, and suggestions throughout the entire process, ensuring that you feel supported and never alone on this extraordinary adventure. Having experienced the process of DIY-ing our own wedding, I intimately understand the excitement and significance that come with crafting your special day.

I'm all about those candid, off-the-cuff moments.

My mission? To capture your wedding day as it unfolds naturally, without any forced poses or interruptions. I want you and your guests to savour every intimate, emotional moment without feeling like you're constantly in front of the camera.  Imagine a photographer who blends traditional elegance, candid, and stylized shots, with unique style that capturing both those intimate moments and the grand settings. A wedding photographer with Versatile skills in capturing classic, elegant wedding, a quirky themed celebration, or a romantic outdoor ceremony.

Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding London

"Think of your gallery as a real, authentic snapshot of your day, with just a touch of editorial flair thrown in for good measure.

Let's keep it fun, relaxed, and totally you!"✨

I believe that every couple has their own way of expressing so call 'LOVE'

"Engagement session is highly recommended for shy lovers."

 Don't worry! 

It's awesome if you are confident, expressive and adventurous when it's come to being photograph, but some people (including me), are feeling most awkward in front of camera. I have works with many couples that are more shy and less comfortable in front of camera, I do understand that Public display of affection is not for everyone. Hey I'm here to helps putting your mind at ease when it's come to posing. Trust that you are in capable hands, posing for camera can be achieve at ease, it's can be fun and relaxing. You don't always have to say cheese or end up snogging to get romantic vibe. 

This is also a great opportunity for you both to get to know me, see how I shoot, communicate and direct. Lastly to put you both into practice with posing. This will helps you feel at ease when it come to Bride & Groom portrait on your wedding day. 

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Looking for a romantic, natural, relax, non-traditional wedding photographer?
Well you are in for the treat!

Saying that, but of course we do a little bit of traditional poses too, but we tend to save the super posey or formal pose stuff for family group shots.


I prefer to capture raw authentic love, natural and candid style which has a less intrusive approach...


when it comes to photographing your wedding. If you are a fun, loving adventurous couple and you would like photos that capture raw loving emotion then I'm your girl. Either it's an intimate wedding, a runaway elopement, a stylish and chic city wedding or escape destination wedding, big or intimate, I love them all so give me a shout!

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"Every couple has their very own love story to tell."

You are the heart and soul of your story, my ultimate goal is to capture memories, the authentic love and special connection between my couples and their loved ones.


Having me as your wedding photographer, you have someone who passionate about your wedding as much as you do. I truly understand how each and every details you choose and the way they all presented is important to you. I want you to look back on this special day and remember those magical moments, the anticipation, the emotional moment when you said "I do", the mood, the laughter, the tears, the scent of your beautiful bouquet, the taste of your champagne and all the fun you had.


All those memorable moments - let me freeze them all for you.

" My goal isn't just to create beautiful images, but also to capture something that is meaningful to you. A memory that you will forever treasure."











The authenticity of


to documented




Beach Wedding

"Emotive, Soulful, and Unique storytelling" 

Destination weddings and elopement are perfect for those with an adventurous soul. Take the beautiful scenery of wonderful foreign land into account, the architecture, the heat, the culture, or the beach and the tropical island, isn't all these reason enough to make you want to say I DO abroad? 


"We had the best possible experience with Kay. She reads every wish from your heart and goes the extra mile to make your day the best in your life! "

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" Incredible photography and stylist. We had the best possible experience with Kay and Rich. They did both out engagement photoshoot in London and our wedding day in Mallorca, including hair styling and make-up. Kay is super helpful and friendly, supports you throughout the whole journey from planning, colour scheme, photo ideas up until the last dance and afterwards. The photos turned out incredible and everyone who joined us on the day praised Kays patience, dedication and creativity. We can strongly recommend Kay, she is lovely and her photos are more than exceptional. She reads every wish from your heart and goes the extra mile to make your day the best in your life!"

Natalie + Edward