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Welcome to the enchanting world of wedding ceremonies! 

Picture this: a beautifully adorned venue, overflowing with anticipation and joy. As the guests eagerly take their seats, a hush falls over the crowd, creating an air of excitement. The melody of soft music fills the space, setting the perfect ambiance for the grand entrance. Here comes your one and only, gracefully walking down the aisle, escorted by his/her proud loved ones. All eyes are fixed on his/her radiance, and hearts skip a beat. Your soulmate stands tall, his/her eyes gleaming with adoration, waiting to take your hand and embark on this incredible journey together.

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Add on activities ideas for after your ceremony...

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Epic confetti rule!

If you want an absolutely jaw-dropping confetti shot, you're going to need an abundance of confetti—no, scratch that— you need a colossal amount of confetti! We're talking about multiplying your initial estimation by three! Yes, it may require a bit more investment, but trust me, the results will be worth every colorful piece.

To capture that picture-perfect moment, you'll want to provide at least 10 or more liters of confetti. This generous quantity ensures that the confetti rain will be nothing short of epic. Think of it as creating a confetti wonderland that will make your photos pop with vibrant joy. Now, here's a little secret I'll let you in on: You can actually save some money by making your own confetti. For my own wedding, I embarked on a confetti-making adventure that began in spring or fall. I collected delicate petals from my garden and even snatched up fallen petals from the park. Then, throughout the summer, I carefully dried them out, patiently awaiting the big day. And guess what? When my wedding day finally arrived, I had an abundance of confetti to go around! It was like a confetti treasure trove, and it truly helped keep the costs down without sacrificing an ounce of fun.

So, get ready to shower yourselves in a confetti downpour of pure bliss. With an ample supply of confetti, your photos will be bursting with life, laughter, and a touch of whimsy. Let the confetti madness begin!

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Confetti Tips

Walk slowly, don’t shield your face with your bouquet, and keep looking up, look at each other or your friends. Stop half way to have a kiss and Bravo!!


Don’t get glitter confetti, as it will stick on your skin and hair for the rest of the day! Get big pieces e.g. 1cm diameter up… whatever amount you think you need, triple it! 10 litre plus works!

In my opinion, the best type of confetti we have worked with so far is the biodegradable type that is made out of tissue paper. It floats in the air for longer compared to real flower confetti, they also don't stick to your dress and hair for the rest of the day, but we are happy to work with either. (Please be sure to check with your venue where confetti is allowed… if confetti is not allowed, then how about bubbles? Or a bubble gun?)


Enola Gaye smoke bomb

(get 90 second are best)


(get 18"inch size are best)

SB 1112 DSC03436.ARW.JPG


Proper Confetti (paper is best)

Your Confetti

Real Flower Petal Confetti Co

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Done with Ceremony what's next??...

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