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Decorated Wedding Room

 The 'I DO' 

Welcome to the enchanting world of wedding ceremonies! 

All the anticipation has come down to this very moment. It’s time to say I do!  Picture this: a beautifully adorned venue, overflowing with anticipation and joy. As the guests eagerly take their seats, a hush falls over the crowd, creating an air of excitement. The melody of soft music fills the space, setting the perfect ambiance for the grand entrance. Here comes your one and only, gracefully walking down the aisle, escorted by his/her proud loved ones. All eyes are fixed on his/her radiance, and hearts skip a beat. Your soulmate stands tall, his/her eyes gleaming with adoration, waiting to take your hand and embark on this incredible journey together. The moment we all have been waiting for. All eyes are on you, just make sure to take slow steady paces down the aisle, if you are feeling nervous, or are not used to being stared at - just look ahead to your groom. The smile on his face will melt away your nerves. 

A few things to take into consideration for the ceremony.


Weather and lighting are often things that we can’t control when it comes to ceremony.  Indoor is appropriate all year round as it’s not weather dependent, however if you plan to have your ceremony outdoors, the day light can have extreme effects, not only casting strong shadows on people’s faces, but also if it’s too bright - you both might end up squinting all the way through your ceremony. It’s essential to choose some shady area for the ceremony for balanced lighting, and for the benefit of you and your guests. Imagine a hot and sweaty day where your groom is in a full suit and you are wearing a dress with tons of layers, things can heat up very quickly. 

Planner Coordinator and Programme :

Having a Planner or someone who acts as a coordinator is extremely important. This is someone who is responsible for making sure things run according to schedule. Send out a programme to your guests or have one printed out where people  can see what will be happening and when - so they don’t miss the important moments. Lack of organisation can cause a lot of stress and missed opportunities so it’s important to make this a priority. I wish I had known all these key points for my own wedding and trust me, trying to do everything on your own can take a lot of energy from the bride.

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Wait for me!


If you get a ride to your ceremony either in an awesome Ferrari or a fairytale horse carriage, here is the photo opportunity, so don’t get out without me! I will try to be there when you arrive but remember we often have to park further away than your wedding transport. So please wait for me before you get out of your ride.

Seek advice from your officiant.

It’s rare but there are some occasions where photography is not allowed during the ceremony, especially in religious settings. So please be sure to discuss photography during the ceremony with your officiant before your wedding day, so that you know what to expect and not be disappointed. In some ceremonies photographers may be limited to where we are permitted to stand during your ceremony.

Leave plenty of space

When walking down the aisle be sure to leave plenty of space (at least 5 big steps or more) between each order. This is to ensure your photographer has a clear shot of you the bride, and everyone else who will be walking down the aisle.

Don’t Rush the kiss!

Understanding that you just want to grab your partner right after saying I DO, but don’t rush it! This will allow us time to capture your moment properly. Often we have to wait for a moment for the officiant to step aside to get the best angle of your precious kiss. So kisses and hugs all you want - you are now officially married! 

Consider a second photographer

Documenting several perspectives of your ceremony is important to you. For example, in most ceremonies I would normally stand behind your partner / the groom to take the shot of the bride walking down the aisle. If you would like images of your partner’s reaction, a second shooter makes this possible as I can’t be in two places at once.

Ceremony Exist:
Slow it down & don’t look down.

After your ceremony is over and you are keen to charge down the aisle, please remember to slow down, engage with your guests and enjoy the moment. We will be walking backward, trying not to trip and shoot at the same time. So take it slow and let us capture those awesome moments for you. While walking down the aisle DON’T stare at the floor, make sure you bring your gaze back up! Look at your friends, look at each other, stop at the end and have a kiss if you can!

Throwing the Bouquet

 After Ceremony 
fun activities ideas 

 Epic confetti rule! 

If you want an absolutely jaw-dropping confetti shot, you're going to need an abundance of confetti—no, scratch that— you need a colossal amount of confetti! We're talking about multiplying your initial estimation by three! Yes, it may require a bit more investment, but trust me, the results will be worth every colourful piece.

To capture that picture-perfect moment, you'll want to provide at least 10 or more litres of confetti. This generous quantity ensures that the confetti rain will be nothing short of epic. Think of it as creating a confetti wonderland that will make your photos pop with vibrant joy. Now, here's a little secret I'll let you in on: Lots (Honestly you need tons of them), Light (so it's stay lingering in the air) and Large (so they are visible in images and don't stuck in your dress and hair!)


You can actually save some money by making your own confetti. For my own wedding, I embarked on a confetti-making adventure that began in spring or fall. I collected delicate petals from my garden and even snatched up fallen petals from the park. Then, throughout the summer, I carefully dried them out, patiently awaiting the big day. And guess what? When my wedding day finally arrived, I had an abundance of confetti to go around! It was like a confetti treasure trove, and it truly helped keep the costs down without sacrificing an ounce of fun.

So, get ready to shower yourselves in a confetti downpour of pure bliss. With an ample supply of confetti, your photos will be bursting with life, laughter, and a touch of whimsy. Let the confetti madness begin!


Confetti Tips

  • Confetti shots are quick, fun and hectic but they make fabulous photos. Walk slowly, don’t shield your face with your bouquet, and keep looking up, look at each other or your friends. Stop half way to have a kiss and Bravo!! The same tips apply to Sparklers shots.

  • Don’t get glitter confetti, as it will stick on your skin and hair for the rest of the day! Get big pieces e.g. 1cm diameter up… 

  • whatever amount you think you need, triple it! 

  • In my opinion, the best type of confetti we have worked with so far is the biodegradable type that is made out of tissue paper. It floats in the air for longer compared to real flower confetti, but we are happy to work with either. (Please be sure to check with your venue where confetti is allowed… if confetti is not allowed, then how about bubbles? Or a bubble gun?)

After the formal group shot is over here is where the fun begins!

Have a drink!

What better way to celebrate… After the formal group shot is done, we often encourage our couples to have a drink and to relax before moving on to the fun part. So pop that champagne bottle! Have fun with your bridesmaids & groomsmen... go crazy! This will help take pressure off you. Then we will take a quiet walk with our newlyweds... just relax and enjoy the moment.