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Privacy Policy & Notice

Greetings, savvy users! We're all about safeguarding your privacy and confidentiality, and we totally get that you want to ensure your data is treated with the utmost care. So, here's the lowdown: we take our responsibilities under the Data Protection Act and GDPR super seriously. We're committed to following both the spirit and the letter of the guidance laid out by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

If you're curious about ICO, you can check out their website at

Now, we're all about transparency, and we want to make sure you're on board with our terms. If there's anything below that doesn't sit well with you, unfortunately, the only option is to bid our website adieu.

Here's the nitty-gritty: We don't share, sell, or spill the beans to third parties about any personally identifiable information we collect on this site.

This Privacy Notice is all about our cozy corner of the web,, run by the fabulous PKay Bridal Photography. It's the rulebook for how we dance with GDPR, DPA, and PECR.

In this policy, we'll spill the beans on areas that might tickle your privacy fancy—how we handle your personal details, what we do with them, and how we ensure your rights under GDPR, DPA & PECR are respected.

We'll also touch on cookies (not the chocolate chip kind) and how we use them to enhance your online experience.

So, pop on your reading glasses, and if you have any questions, we're just an email away at or through our contact form. Let the privacy party begin!

Legal Dance Moves:

1. Information we process because we have a contractual obligation with you:

When you snag a product or service from us, or cozy up to our terms and conditions, we're entering into a contract dance. To make this dance smooth, we process the info you share with us, like verifying your identity, selling you goodies, providing our services, and sprinkling suggestions and advice on how to rock our website. We'll keep grooving until the contract ends or takes its final bow.

2. Information we process with your consent:

When there's no contract between us (like when you're browsing our site or asking for more info), you're giving us the green light to process your personal info. We aim to get your explicit consent, and you can always withdraw it whenever you want by sending a note to [].

3. Information we process because we have a legal obligation:

Just like everyone else, we've got to follow the law. Sometimes, we process your info to meet a statutory obligation. It's like the legal dance we can't skip.

4. Website usage information:

We use software to peek at how you navigate our site. It's anonymous and helps us improve your experience. No identifying dance partners here.

5. Use of Cookies:

Cookies are our backstage pass to make the site work smoothly. We use them to record your cookie acceptance, allow essential website parts to shine, run our content management system, enhance security, collect site usage info, and store your personal info for your next visit.

6. Site Visitor Tracking:

Our site uses tracking software to groove with visitor engagement and usage. It saves a cookie to your computer but doesn't collect personal info.

7. Downloads & Media Files:

ny downloads or media files are your responsibility, so be cautious. We've done our best to keep it safe, but it's always wise to double-check with anti-virus software.

8. Contact & Communication With Us:

When you reach out to us through the site, your personal info is secure. We may use it to send you product/service info if you've given the green light.

9. External Website Links & Third Parties:

While we aim for quality external links, click wisely. We can't vouch for external sites, so explore at your own risk.

10. Social Media Policy & Usage:

We play nice online. Verify our social profiles, and remember, we'll never ask for your passwords or personal details on social media.

11. Complaining:

Complaints help us improve. We record your info to resolve issues and may share it if needed to address your concerns.

12. Use of Site by Children:

We're not here for the kiddos. If you're under 18, get a nod from a parent or guardian before exploring our site.

13. Disclosure to Government and their Agencies:

We may share info if legal authorities ask or if authorized. Safety first!

14. Retention and Review or Update or Remove Personally Identifiable Information:

We keep your info as long as needed or required by law. You can review, update, or bid farewell to your info anytime.

In Closing: If you have any questions or want to chat about this Privacy Policy, our practices, or anything else, drop us a line at or use our contact form. Let's keep the dance floor buzzing! 🕺💃

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