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So where should we begin? 

If we haven’t already discussed this step this will be the time! The 1st step is to select your When and Where!

In this case we are talking about Season and Location. If you are not sure where, we are more than happy to help with some suggestions, depending on your location and preferences, we can go to the beach, visit a city, or just do something fun that you and your loved one enjoy. 

A city backdrop has it’s charm, the two nearest to us are London and Cambridge. We can surely advise you on stunning locations in the city all year round... from Spring when the blossom blooms, Summer hot spots, Autumn where colours change to beautiful Winter illuminations all around the city. 


Outdoor shoots in nature are my favourite, Spring and Autumn are probably the prettiest. It’s not difficult to find a patch of greenery around our Local area in Herts & Essex, or even in the city - like London and Cambridge. Working outdoors depends a lot on good weather, as long as it’s not raining anything is possible. We can surely advise you on stunning locations in our local area or in the city. Nature has its wonders all year round from Spring blooms and Summer beaches to Autumn leaves and beautiful Winter scenes.

We normally organise Photo sessions on the weekday, as weekends are likely to be dedicated to weddings. We can certainly shoot anytime of the day but the best time in terms of lighting is the magic of the ‘golden hour’ lighting, in summer months we often shoot from 5-7pm depending on the light, and 3-5pm in winter months. As long as the light is good we can shoot anywhere, in your own home, woodland, farm, cliff face, beach, coffee shop, downtown alley you name it. We also sunrise shoot for those who want to take portraits in crowded locations. 


Season and what to expect!

Each season has its own charm. Let’s start with the most popular season, Spring!

DAS04237xs 100.jpg

Spring is known for its exquisite blooms. Slightly warmer temperatures with a lovely cool breeze, but watch out for rain and allergies. So it’s great to be prepared, a lovely umbrella is a must.   The different varieties of spring blooms often start from End of March - June, so pick your favourite colour! From daffodil to cherry blossom to bluebell and many more. The magic of spring makes it worth all the trouble - catch the blossom in full bloom and the results are often exquisite. 

We can shoot anytime of the day but the Magical Golden hour is around 5-6pm.

DAS03999xs 100.jpg

Summer, oh don’t we all love the warm heat, bright sunshine and ice-cream? Early summer there are still so many blooms for us to chase, or alternatively take a stroll to the beach, have a picnic and a little bit of sunbathing, or even a swim. Daylight is such a bliss and it is tempting to have outdoor shoots in the sun, but please bear in mind to choose locations with some shady areas -  as summer can be quite hot and sweaty and also you don’t want to catch sunburn or heat stroke during the shoot! Clear sky mean opportunities for epic sunset photos.

DSC08598xs 100.jpg

Autumn, the explosion of warm vibrant colours, the falling leaves have completely transformed the landscape. Fall leaves have their own unique charm; warm shades of autumn leaves often brighten up autumn photoshoots like no other. Then comes the fun festive season like Halloween.

Daylight in fall varies from year to year, so I’m more than happy to discuss your portrait time nearer to your wedding. Golden hour is around 4-6pm.

DSC00169xs 100.jpg

Winter, time to get your best furry coat out! Winter fashion is always unique in its own way. 

It’s a spectacular time of year where there are so many Christmas markets and light illumination displays all around the big city. And if we are lucky enough to get some snow this could easily turn into winter wonderland fun with the powdery white landscape. Winter photoshoots require a  little extra planning as there is limited daylight with sunset time usually around 4pm so portrait is best at 3pm. If you plan to have an early afternoon photoshoot this would be perfect, as we will have time for a sunset portrait before the light disappears. 

Prepare for your photo session

Unlike selfies, having our picture taken by someone else can feel a little terrifying for some. I do understand that preparing for your photoshoot session can be overwhelming. To help put your mind at ease here are some tips to help you manage your photoshoot preparation. 

After we have discussed and chosen the shooting location for your shoot, I would advice for you to build yourself a Pinterest moodboard. Have a look through them. Discuss them and decide what you like...this not only gives you ideas and inspiration but it will also help both me and you to understand what to expect from this shoot. It could help with posing, styling, and you can even introduce a little challenge (lifting etc). 

What to wear?

Formal? Smart-casual? Casual? Either it’s relaxing everyday casual jeans and boots style or full Bond girl flowy dress red carpet glam. So dress up, it’s not everyday you have your photo taken professionally. ** Looking for wardrobe inspirational ideas please scroll down to the bottom of this page (website) there will be a couple of links to a gallery filled with inspiring outfits and colour themes.**


Be prepared!

The last thing you want to do on the day of a photoshoot is to rush around and to find out that the shirt needs ironing, the dress needs to be washed, what a headache right? So save yourself a hassle and choose your outfit in advance, when the day comes you are ready to go. The most vital part is making sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing. If you would like something dreamy go for soft, elegant, flowy fabric. Neutral or earthy tones of colours often work a treat in a photoshoot and also display well when it comes to hanging those photos on the wall. Something like soft pastels, white, light brown, oatmeal. Or if you fancy some fun you can also mix and match some complimentary colours. Adding something fun such as accessories and props like hats, scarves, picnic baskets, cake, champagne etc.

Comfortable footwear 

Is a must if you don’t want to wear heels through the park or on the beach, so make sure whatever you choose to wear you can walk comfortably in them.

 Allow plenty of time!

Treat yourself a little and leave plenty of time for you and your family to get ready!

I always encourage ladies to have their hair and makeup professionally done, it’s the best pampering way to start the day - you will feel lively and confident.  Leave plenty of time for showers, dressing and grooming, especially if you have a little one you don’t want to feel rushed.

Dark colour lips. 

If it’s possible choose those that are transfer proof or go for more of a nude tone. Dark lip colour tends to transfer onto your teeth! The last thing you need is to cover your partner with lipstick and leave him looking like he had a messy night out!

Don’t show up Hungry!

Set yourself in the right mood, make sure everyone is well rested and well fed as, if you are exhausted, this really shows in your photo session. Make sure to have breakfast, cake, tea or snack before you turn up. The Last thing you need is a hangry family, especially a hungry little one!

Tips for Family Session

It’s best to schedule your photo session and work around your children’s nap time. Young children are often more energetic and less grumpy after a good nap. So talk to us and we will be more than happy to work around your schedule. Make sure their tummy is full and happy, so feel free to feed them any time during the shoot if you have to. So bring plenty of snacks! Something simple, easy and quick to eat and that won’t leave stains on clothing etc. Put your little one in PJ and let them have snacks in the car on the way to your shoot, you can also change them into a clean outfit before your session starts.

Bring a spare outfit!

So called plan B. Especially for family sessions with a toddler, always bring a second outfit in case your first outfit gets stained either from snacks, mud, dirt or grass during the shoot.  It’s likely that the photoshoot is taking place outdoors and we know how unpredictable the weather can be, bringing extra layers for everyone would be very wise.


This will be something that will help put you at ease. This will help engage your little one, give you guys something to do with your hands and feet, this will also bring the authentic smile to the frame.  Blow bubbles, Jenga, football, bike riding, singing, picnic etc. 

Don’t force it just Connect, Engage and Interact.

Don’t stress your children out, step back and allow them to have fun, just talk with your children, tease them a little, give them a little activity to do. Your childrens might not always look at the camera, the wind might blow your hair out of place, but that is ok. You don’t alway have to look at the camera, have your eyes on your partner or your family instead. Just be you, engage and interact with each other and have fun with your family. Grab your girls, toss your kid in the air (don’t forget to catch them!), swing them around, turn them upside down, pop them over your shoulder, Piggy back ride, Embrace them with lots of hugs and kisses, make jokes, Have a race, Tickle them, Play and Giggle. Keep it fun and thrilling. These activities will create an amazing opportunity for us to capture candid moments for you.

Don’t be afraid to be bold.

However remember that some graphic patterns can be overwhelming and distracting. So keep the pattern to a minimum if possible.

Clean the ring! 

It’s your reminder of the day you said yes. We will definitely love to capture this beauty.

Be on time. 

The sunlight tends to go down pretty fast especially in winter with such limited sunlight. The later you arrive the less time we have to shoot. We truly want you to make the most of your shoot.

Empty your pockets! 

No keys or mobile phone showing through your pockets or making odd creases and shadows on your outfit. This can look slightly questionable, especially for guys!

Engage with each other

Forget that you’re having your photo taken, be yourselves, act how you normally would in a more tactile way, be present with one another, give each other full attention. Laugh, talk, make jokes, be as weird and wonderful as you want. Don’t try to force it. 

Get comfortable with PDA

We are going to see you guys kissing and cuddling so you might as well embrace it. Let the love flow, hold hands, look at each other and don’t be afraid to throw in cheeky kisses.