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Here's a little secret: planning is the key to unlocking the most incredible wedding experience. We'll be your trusty guides, making sure every detail is on point, so you can relax, have a blast, and create memories that will make your heart sing. It's going to be one heck of an unforgettable celebration!

1. Level up your energy.

Munchies for the win: Keep your energy levels up by having some delicious snacks on hand. You wouldn't want a grumbling tummy stealing your spotlight! A little treat here and there will keep you fuelled and ready to rock the dance floor.

2. Sewing kit

Emergency kit to the rescue: Pack a handy emergency kit filled with essentials like safety pins, tissues, breath mints, and a trusty stain remover. You never know when a little mishap might occur, but with your superhero kit in tow, you'll be ready to save the day!

3. Stay Hydrated

Hydration station: Stay hydrated, my friend! With all the excitement and bustle, it's easy to forget to sip some water. Make sure you have a hydration station with refreshing drinks to keep you and your guests cool and hydrated throughout the festivities.

4. Bubbly

Get ready to pop the champagne and celebrate in style on your wedding morning! It's a time to raise a glass and toast to the beautiful moments ahead. As you embark on this incredible journey, let the fizzy bubbles of joy and excitement fill the air. The clinking of glasses will be music to your ears, a delightful symphony of love and happiness. So gather your loved ones, sip on that sparkling goodness, and let the festivities begin.

Cheers to a day filled with love

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While you're getting all dolled up and ready to shine, I'll be there capturing some amazing shots of your beautiful dress and those lovely details that make your day unique. So, how about preparing a super fun and fabulous detail box for me? It'll be like a treasure chest of enchanting items that I can use to create stunning photographs. Let's make every detail shine and sparkle together!

Details box* For Bride

  • a copy of Your invitation or Save the date card

  • Dress

  • Hair accessories

  • Rings (All rings if possible, if not no worry!)

  • Shoes

  • Bouquet

  • Jewellery

  • Perfume

For Groom****

  • Tie & Cufflinks

  • Shoes

  • Perfume/ Aftershave

  • Pen

  • a copy of Your invitation or Save the date card

  • Rings (All rings if possible, if not no worry!)

  • Suit

  • anything that you like me to capture

the following are not essential but we could use it to do something creative for you 

  • Ribbons (could ask your florist to spare half metre of same colour ribbon as your bouquet or you could prepare on yourself) 

  • loose flowers or leaves

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Bridal Guide17.jpg
Bridal Guide18.jpg

Done with wedding morning what's next??...

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