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Welcome to PKay Bridal Client Area!

Hey, big thanks for trusting us! We owe it all to your incredible support. You've hopped on board this wild ride with us, and let me tell you, it's gonna be epic! Our knowledge and resources will blow your mind. And guess what? We've crafted this exclusive guide specifically with you in mind! We're here to simplify your planning process and deliver the absolute best, most unforgettable experience you and your fam deserve. From killer outfit ideas to handy tips and a kickass suppliers list, we've got you covered. So buckle up and let us be your rockstar guides on this awesome adventure!

If you are ready


Lantern Decorations


Let's walk through our photoshoot process together. 
Step 2: What happens next?

This is where the fun begins. 

Couple shoot: You will also have exclusive access to our Photoshoot Guide to help you gear up for your engagement shoot, the guide will also give you a rough idea of what is likely to happen on your shoot. So don’t panic! x Aside from some awesome images for a keepsake, the engagement session is a brilliant way to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. You get to see how we work, get some idea of how to pose and etc.
Let's plan:
During your zoom called we would have cover topic of your ideal locations. Once you have chosen your locations I will help you tailor your walking route. I will also add a few picturistic stops, so you can make the most out of your little photoshoot session with me.


Where will we meet?

Depending on your chosen location, this may vary. I will supply you with more details and information once your location and route are set. The meeting point and ending point of our experience may be in different locations.

I will send you the walking route and meeting point 72 hrs prior to your session.

Step 3: Shoot day ye!!

What to bring

  • Comfortable footwear (whatever you are wearing make sure you are comfortable in walking around in them)

  • Umbrella (our weather changes all the time, so if it is going to rain a clear umbrella would work a treat)

  • Sun screen & sunglasses (if it is hot and sunny)

  • Please try not to bring more than one bag with you as it will be more convenient for you while we have our walk.

Step 4: After the shoot...

Within 1 week I will share around 100 - 200 watermarked low quality unedited images with you. You will not be able to download these images but you can select a number of images (depend on your package) of your choice to be edited, price includes a standard retouch. At this stage if you like to you will have a chance to purchase more images to be edited or you can also purchase unedited images. 

Once you made your selection, I will spend sometime editing them. You will likely to receive your final edit images around 3 - 10 weeks after that depending on our current editing queue. For example in wedding season your wait maybe longer. Your final images will be watermark free and you will be able to download high resolution images straight from there. The link to your online gallery will be sent to the email address that you submitted in your booking form. You will be able to download your photos directly from your online gallery. 

City View

Our photo session is available at your own home, outdoors or your chosen location.

(All package come with standard gentle refined skin retouch and our signature colour grading style. For Magazine or High-end editing/retouch such as but not limited to body / facial shape, background or object removing available at additional cost from £12+ per image.

What's not included

  • Your tube or transport fare is not included.

  • Depending on location, if there is any entrance fee to a certain locations these are also not included.

  • Pick up from your accommodation is not included. We will meet at the agreed meeting point.

Have a question? You can reach me here...
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