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Your big day just around the corner!

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Thank you for giving us the honour of capturing your big day! It’s now less than 8 weeks away until you say “I do”.



We almost there! 

In order to help us understand your time schedule and how things will be running on your big day. Now is the perfect time to go over those final details. These information will help us operate smoothly. If you don’t mind, please answer some questions below for us that would be brilliant. Thank you.

Let's Start

General details

 (this could be parents, best man or your bridesmaid who likely to be present with you at all time if we can't reach you)

if so could we please have their Name & Contact detail of your wedding coordinator/ planner who will be in charge of your wedding day schedule:

Is any of your venues (Getting ready, Ceremony, Reception) require a pre - arrange parking or permit for us to be able park while we are working with you? If so please let us know.

About your big day

Which is best describes the style of your wedding?

You can choose more than 1, so we get your vibe.

Are there any important or specific details that you would like me to capture?

For Example

1:30pm - Groom & Guest arrived at the venue

1:45pm - Bride arrived at the venue

2:00pm - Ceremony

2:30pm - Confetti + Group Photos.... etc

Wedding morning

Partner 1/ Bridal Prep?

TIP: While you are getting ready I will be photographing your dress and some Details shot for you so please prepare a detail box for me.


Details box* For Bride

  • a copy of Your invitation or Save the date card

  • Dress

  • Hair accessories

  • Rings (All rings if possible, if not no worry!)

  • Shoes

  • Bouquet

  • Jewellery

  • Perfume

the following are not essential but we could use it to do something creative for you 

  • Ribbons (could ask your florist to spare half metre of same colour ribbon as your bouquet or you could prepare on yourself) 

  • loose flowers or leaves


  • Tie & Cufflinks

  • Shoes

  • Perfume/ Aftershave

  • Pen

  • a copy of Your invitation or Save the date card

  • Rings (All rings if possible, if not no worry!)

  • Suit

  • anything that you like me to capture

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Are you planning on doing a Dress reveal with your bridesmaid?

If YES, please make sure that everybody is ready and dress 1 hr before you due to leave!

Are you planning on doing a Daddy/ Parent & Daughter/ Son first look? (This can be the person who will be walking you down the aisle)

**If you have booked second photographer please fill in details below if not please skip this part!**

What activity do you have line up after ceremony?

You can choose more than 1, so we get your vibe.

Group photos

PKay Bridal NE0385A_100dpi.jpg

Here's all about your family and friends group portraits. We’ve included some suggestions, but of course you can put your own. Generally we recommend a maximum of 10 group shots, to ensure they are Quick fun and don’t interfere with your day.

*1st - We would like you to make a list of each individual group with people's names in them, here are some examples below. We always advise our client to do bigger group photos first while everyone is present then smaller groups.

Group 1 Everyone
Group 2 Mums & dads  (Andy, Caroline, Dave, Tina)

** 2nd - This is a very important task, so I would like you to nominate someone who knows both families (a groomsmen or bridesmaids) to be in charge of this task. I would like them to help us call out and get everyone who would be in photos lined up and ready for group photos.

Couple photos



PKay Style photography-09582.jpg

We often photograph your reception entrance up until when your meal starts. This is also when we take a quick break to have some food, change battery and gear up for the evening session.


The way we (Photographers) prefers speech would be to do it all at the same time, before or after the meal. The reason being..

 - This way your reception table will also still be neat and clean with no left over food and drink in your shots. 

- It's best to have speeches done before the meal, while you have everyone attention, all guests and children are sit and present at the table. 

- Once the speeches are done everyone will feel more relax and they can really enjoy the meal and drink freely without worries about being too drunk for their speech.

- Also its often that our (Photographer) meal is likely to get serve last. Of course, despite the indigestion and as fast as we could stuff the food down we still need time to eat. During meal time, we often used this opportunity to change batteries on camera, and setting up for you reception etc. 


So have your speech before your meal is best, alternatively after works just as well - this way we won't missed a thing. 

Please DON'T have your speech scatter after every meal.

Speeches often take place during the dusk hour when the lighting conditions may not be optimal for capturing clear images. In such situations, would it be acceptable to use a flash to ensure better clarity in the photos?

If you could provide food for us this would be really awesome. Please note that if the meal is not provide by our client, we will have to leave your wedding site temporary to find ourself some food. We honestly don't expect 3 courses meal, we need food to keep our energy up as we will be with you all day. Venue often have a menu for supplier which are relatively cheaper than guest meal if you request.

Golden Sunset picture, aside summer sunset normally happen while you sitting down for your meal. If you really love the sunset vibe and don’t mind us disturb you during your meal then we are more than happy to drag you out. So just let us know in advance so we can try and schedule this in for you?

What activity do you have line up after the meal?

You can choose more than 1, so we get your vibe.

Every little helps! It would be really awesome if you could supply us with some info of your wedding suppliers. We love to help give them a little shout out for the beautiful works they create on your big day.

Hair & Makeup Artist


Dress Designer or Boutique





Entertainment (Music/ DJ etc)

Planner & Stylist

It's particularly important to ensure that your Email and Telephone Number are correct to avoid any communication issues. 

Typically, our response time is within 72 hours, and during busier periods, it may take up to 5 days for us to review your inquiry thoroughly. Therefore, we kindly request you to check your spam and junk folders as well, as sometimes our messages can unintentionally end up there.


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